The Mangrove TDS Library

A C++ Tool for the Fast Prototyping of the Topological Data Structures

David Canino

The Mangrove Topological Data Structure (Mangrove TDS) Library is a C++ template tool for the fast prototyping of the topological data structures under the same API:
  • it exploits the generic representation of the topological data structures, i.e., the mangroves;
  • it is extensible through the dynamic plugins at run-time;
  • it is agnostic with respect to the current representation in use;
  • it supports every representation without restrictions;
  • it is dimension-independent and completely multi-platform;
  • it supports the efficient representations of the non-manifold shapes;
  • it offers only one common API and no wrappers;
  • it offers the implicit representation of the cells, not directly encoded, i.e., the ghost references.
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